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Professional Inspiration, LLC Services


Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development for Educators and Those Who Serve People

Our workshops are designed to give participants L.I.F.E. - Learning, Inspiration, Fun, and Empowerment. The content and delivery are research-based and allows for reflection, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our most popular topics include improving educator morale, engaging and motivating learners, literacy across the curriculum and writing across the curriculum.

**Some clients include: Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland, Dike School of the Arts,  Ohio Literacy Association, Euclid City Schools and Youth Opportunities Unlimited.

Keynotes Speeches and Talks

Entertaining Motivational Speaking the will Leave Audiences Ignited

We give inspiring keynotes and talks that will leave audiences feeling ignited and empowered. This is not your average ordinary keynote speech, but an experience designed to deeply touch the audience. 

Clients have included: National Council of Negro Women: Cuyahoga County Section, Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland, Euclid Park Elementary School.

Coaching and Consulting

Because sometimes people and organizations just need some guidance and accountability 

Our coaching is designed to help individuals and organizations who need help with reaching goals. We help our clients to identify their challenges, set SMART goals, work toward the goals, and reach goals while being supported with knowledge and accountability. Our coaching and consulting is effective and research-based. 

Youth Workshop and Program Development 

Designing engaging and interactive opportunities for youth to develop socially and emotionally 

We design personal development workshops and programs for youth that inspire and empower participants to be the best version of themselves. We focus on goal setting, decision making, self-esteem and other social and emotional learning aspects to assist our youth in self-discovery and self-love.