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Professional Inspiration Services

Motivational Experience TM Workshop

Professional Development for Educators and Those Who Serve People 

The Motivational Experience TM Workshop is designed to engage the participants in fun activities that allow for interaction and collaboration. In addition, these workshops include poetry, song, storytelling to keep the participants' attention and to inspire them. The information presented is research-based; however, it is communicated in a way that is exciting and empowering. Our most popular topics include improving educator morale, engaging and motivating learners, literacy across the curriculum and writing across the curriculum.

Motivational Experience TM

Entertaining Motivational Speaking the will Leave Audiences Ignited

A Motivational Experience TM   is a inspirational speech that will leave audiences feeling ignited and empowered. This is not your average ordinary keynote speech. We design these experiences to be entertaining by using music, storytelling, poetry, and other art forms. The purpose of a Motivational Experience TM is to send a powerful, inspiring, and uplifting message. 

Progress Party

A Party That Inspires People to Achieve Their Dreams

Progress Parties are designed to entertain and inspire the host and all the guests to fulfill their dreams! Hosts invite their friends to get together to enjoy a mini-motivational speech and mini-workshop which will help each participant get the ball rolling toward achieving their goals and aspirations. Guests will leave feeling empowered and excited to start making steps toward their dreams. 

Dream Coaching

Because sometimes you just need some guidance and accountability as you pursue your dreams

Dream Coaching is designed to help individuals who need help identifying there dream or just want guidance, encouragement, and accountability as they pursue their dreams. These one-on-one sessions allow people to get feedback, encouragement, guidance, and motivation from someone who believes in them, as they pursue their life's passion.