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Teacher Wellness Academy ™

 In our ongoing teacher wellness opportunities, educators can earn professional development hours toward renewing their teaching license by taking online teacher wellness professional development courses, participating in live workshops and teacher wellness activities or getting one-on-one teacher wellness coaching. For more information about how your school or school district can partner with Professional Inspiration to provide ongoing teacher wellness opportunities customized for your educators' needs contact us. 

Teacher Wellness Academy ™ 

Online Courses

Take self-paced online professional development courses that focus on helping educators prevent burnout while being well and thriving in their profession.


Teacher Wellness Academy ™

Workshops and Activities

Schedule a Teacher Wellness Academy ™ Workshop or Activity for your faculty and staff. Choose from several workshops including Teacher Wellness Matters, Burnout Prevention for You and Me, or Growth Mindset for You and Me. These workshops are ideal for your school or district professional development day. Also, we facilitate support groups and other wellness centered activities for schools and school districts.

Teacher Wellness Academy ™

One-on-One Coaching 

Schedule a one-on-one talk with a teacher wellness coach who will listen to the challenges you are facing and help you develop a teacher wellness plan so you may thrive. 

*Administrators may also purchase a block of one-on-one coaching sessions by contacting


What our participants are saying

Thank you for the easy to follow and well organized program. I am excited to begin my wellness plan and journey this school year and achieve balance in my work life. The modules were the perfectly sized and paced. 

- Jon​etta Reed  

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